Foundry production

OZMM founding Production is a large modern foundry with a 35 000 tons of shaped castings capacity a year and with crane equipment of hoisting capacity up to 80 tons.

Small-scale  production is prevalent in the foundry shop. The articles are mainly produced in small lots.  But there  is a possibility to produce constant serial nomenclature.

The foundry shop consist of steel-smelting and moulding departments.

  1. Steel-smelting department is eqiuped with 5 electric  arc furnaces  with capacity of 6 and 14 tons of liquid steel, stock of casting ladles equipped with locking mechanism and gate device of 14 tons of liquid steel.
  2. Moulding department  has two lines of the mechanized moulding, the section of hand-moulding and core moulding. The lines of  mechanized moulding are assigned to produce:
    • large semiforms: (clear dimensions)
      2780*2600*300-900 (400; 600) mm 
      semiform's weight is 15 tons
    • small and middle semiforms in flasks:
      1600*2000*600 mm 
      semiform's weight is 5 tons
    • hand-moulded castings in flasks:
      2000*2000*500 mm
      3000*3000*500 mm
      3600*3600*600 mm

Casting production  at the plant is carried out on the latest technological processes developed  by "Borden" (UK). These technologies are based on the use of cold solidification sand blend:  Alfa-set process for mouldings and Beta-set process for cores.

 The mouldings and cores  have  tensile strength not less than 10-12 kg/cm²  and high dimensional accuracy. In heat resistance and erosion resistance they exceed traditionally applied thereto sands with furan resin. Low sands gas generation enlarges the possibility of producing responsible castings from carbon and alloyed steel grades (pump housing, valving etc.)


This technology provides the possibility of wide nomenclature production, fast readjustment  of technological process  while entering new nomenclature, reduction of pre-production time and producing of single and small-lot castings.

High strength and  short solidification cycle according to  Alfa-set process  enables  to realize snap flask molding, reducing the cost of production tooling.

Application of  "Beta-set" core manufacture  gives considerable  possibilities of highly efficient producing of complicated castings. The cores are made on core shooter  with a  cycle of  40-50 seconds.

New technological  processes of cores and mouldings production in combination  with highly-effective antiburning tools provide a  real possibility to produce castings of various degrees of complexity with minimum machining tolerances.

Using our custings  consumers will be pleased with both excellent appearance and high quality of products.

Basic sizes of forging ingots

part of the ingotmasssize
kg % H D1 D con %
Sinkhead 1512 21 610 770 620 33


part of the ingotmasssize
kg % H1 С С1 B B1 con %
Body 5544 77 1900 705 795 820 910 5


part of the ingotmasssize
kg % H2 d2 d R
Bottom 144 2 170 500 245 15