Oskolsky plant of metallurgical machinery (OZMM) is one of the largest industrial plants of Belgorod region. It was founded in 1979 in Stary Oskol.

Production of OZMM is based on producing mining and metallurgical wear parts, spare parts for enterprises of other industry sectors. The main products of the plant are carbon, high-alloyed-and manganese steel.


As part of the dynamic development of the current enterprises, Oskolsky plant of metallurgical machinery is constantly developing. The list of products is expanding; the production volumes are significantly increased.

Every year the plant increases number of consumers which use the plant's products. More than two hundred enterprises of Russian regions cooperate with OZMM. They are interested in consumption of manufactured products every month. High-quality equipment is manufactured and supplied to mining and processing plants, metallurgical plants, heavy machine-building plants. Such European countries as Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and France are the main importers of OZMM products.


Nowadays the international largest companies are interested in the constant improvement of activities, increasing the competitiveness of the organization on the national and world markets. They use the effective construction of a quality management system for these purposes. OZMM is also focused on compliance with the basic principles of this system and therefore international experts accepted the fact that the company meets the highest requirements in the field of quality management. It is confirmed by certificate of Quality Austria (a member of IQNet). Compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001: 2008) is also confirmed by a certificate.

The experience of foreign and native enterprises showed that only companies which have the highest quality of management can remain leaders in the world market. The construction of a reliable management system is based on the application of the principles of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008, which are successfully used by OZMM for many years. It all contributes the creation of good conditions for the growth of invested funds, as well as to increase competitiveness.


Oskolsky plant of metallurgical machinery tries to reach the constant development. It can be noticeable in the accordance of the producing and sale of spare parts equipment, mining and concentrating equipment, forgings and metal structures, steel casting, cast billets and ingots to GOST and IQNet certificates.