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Personnel policy of Oskolsky plant of metallurgical machinery has a purpose to get responsible and professional workers who will complete the existing stuff of the plant. Therefore the management of OZMM offers to employees safe working conditions and social security, reasonable salary growth and various types of rewards and training of personnel.
Labor relations between the employer and the employee should be based on the principles of social partnership, their mutual responsibility for the results of work. It has to ensure the equality of opportunities for all workers and observe of social benefits and guarantees.
One of the main goals of the personnel policy of Oskolsky plant of metallurgical machinery is the attraction of talented employees and experienced qualified personnel to the plant.


Сталевар электропечи
Токарь (карусельщик, расточник, фрезеровщик, токарь ЧПУ)
Инженер (металловед)
Слесарь-электрик по ремонту ГПМ
Электромонтер по ремонту и обслуживанию электрооборудования
Ученик станочника
Машинист мостового крана
Водитель кат. С, Е
Контролер в литейное производство
Рабочий в литейный цех
Водитель погрузчика
Машинист насосных установок
Мастер механосборочного участка
Начальник механосборочного участка
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