Machining and assembly shop

The project capacity of machining and assembly shop is 12 000 tons of products with mechanical treatment.  There is made mechanical treatment of especially large and fine details on various machine tools: turning, boring, horizontal boring, longitudinal-planning, milling, gear cutting.

The shop has equipment that allows to make full mechanical treatment in weight from 4 kg to 100 tons, including tooth cutting on the shaft, rings with module from 2 up to 40 mm, restoration of large housing details, volume hardening and hardening of tooth by currents of high frequency.

The department is intended for manufacturing shafts, reducers, gear wheels, base members, parts and units of mining-dressing, quarry equipment, metallurgical equipment and units for continuous steel casting machines.



Technical data of equipment of machining and assembly shop:

Maximum processed diameter:

Above the bed 2550 mm.
Under the carriage 850 mm.
Maximum processed length 12600 mm.

Radial turning
Maximum processed diameter:

Above the bed 3200 mm.
above the carriage 2500 mm.
maximum processed length 8500 mm.

Boring and turning

maximum processed diameter 10000 mm.
maximum processed length 3150 mm.
maximum blank mass 100 t

Gear cutting

maximum processed diameter 9000 mm.
maximum cutting height 2500 mm.
maximum modulus 42
minimum modulus 2,5

Base members machining

maximum blank mass 60 t
maximum machining length 24000 mm.
maximum blank height 2500 mm.
maximum boring diameter 1200 mm.
maximum boring depth 2000 mm.
dimensions of the working bed-plate surface 4000х4500 mm.

Mechanical plasma-treatment

machining of high-strength steel parts diameter height
8,3 t 3300 mm. 1100 mm.

the hardening with r.f.current of smooth and spline shafts, shaft's necks, gears, gear wheels

maximum diameter of hardened detail 600 mm.
maximum length of hardened detail 3000 mm.
limits of hardened modules 10-50 mm.

gears of gear wheels:

maximum wheel diameter 5000 mm.

gears of cone wheels:

maximum wheel diameter 1000 mm.